Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Life is a spiritual journey" - Sayadaw u jotika

During Welfare Section's AGM on 24 May 2009, Bro. Soon Kok mentioned in his speech that out of 10 devotees who took the dhamma books or CDs, only 2 or 3 will read or listen. This is really a wake-up call for me. My flame of zeal for dhamma is diminishing. I hardly finished any dhamma books nowaday. Most of the time I only skimmed through few pages.

When I first encountered with Buddhism, my thirst for dhamma could never be quenched. I devoured all the dhamma books I came acrossed and never missed any dhamma talks. But this enthusiasm only lasted about 5 years.

Few days ago, I skimmed through over the books I've collected over the last few years. I wanted to experience the sense of tranquility that I gained through reading dhamma book again. I picked up the smallest book I could find - "Life is a spiritual journey" by Sayadaw u jotika. The first page of the book is a Chinese New Year greeting "Wishing you a happy & properous Chinese New Year 2007". Oh! I've kept this book for more than 2 years without reading it! I remembered I collected this book from Lunas Hermitage on the first day of Chinese New Year 2007.

It took me less than twenty minutes to finish the whole book. I really rejoiced in reading it and I've read it almost every day since then.

I'm burdened with work and the amount of assignment seems endless. It gives me a positive perpective about life after reading the book. Here are some of the "gems":

"Problems have their purpose. It's a lesson we need to learn in order to grow up. Yes, they have a wonderful purpose. Some people wish for a life of no problems. But I would never wish for such a life for any of you. What I wish for you is the great inner strength to solve any problems meaningfully and grow."

"Mindfulness gives you a kind of equanimty, gives you an even mood, makes you calm and makes you in a way detached. Detachment doesn't mean you are unconcerned. Detachment means not being egoistic, not taking things personally and not being attached to outcomes."

"Every problem is an opportunity. If you understand this and take every problem as an opportunity then your life will become more and more meaningful. To take every problem, every difficult situation as an opportunity we need to be mindful. We need to be always mindful. There should be mindfulness already in your heart."

This book is distributed free by "Inward Path". Here is the link

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