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Religious & Charity Trip to Temoh/Batu Gajah/Ipoh

BMSM Welfare Section organised a religious and charity trip to Temoh, Batu Gajah and Ipoh on 27 - 28 November 2010, visiting 3 monasteries, 3 handicapped children homes and 1 old folk home.

We departed from Buddhist Maha Vihara, Brickfields at 8:45am. We brought along with us some daily supplies (i.e. milo, vico, biscuits, condensed milk, sugar, toilet rolls etc) donated by our suporters. We had also purchased 10 bags (10kg ea) of rice, 10 bottles (5kg ea) of cooking oil and 10 packs of bihoon from Buddhist Maha Vihra for distribution to the Welfare Homes. Few friends entrusted us with 10 pcs of robes for offering to the Sangha in the 3 monasteries which we would be visiting.

Our first stop was at Vihara Buddha Gotama, a 15 acre forest monastery located in Temoh. The vihara has 9 kutis for monks, a sala builing which houses the sala hall, an office, a library, sangha room and 4 male dormitories (which can accomodate up to 30 men), a 2-storey female quarters (which can accoumodate up to 32 women) and a 2-rooms building houses the Sangha Library and Sangha Store. A 3 storey building is planned to be constructed at the site of the existing Old Store. Plans have been submitted to the Tapah District Council.

We offered dana and robes to the Sangha at the sala hall and had an inspiring dhamma Q&A session with Ven. Dhammavuddho Thero (Bhante Hye) until12:30pm.

We had our lunch in Kampar. We then visited Batu Gajah Handicapped Children Home and The Foundation of Training Centre & Home for the Handicapped in Pasir Putih.

Other than the daily supplies, BMSM Welfare Section donated RM1,000 to each home. The particpants had also individually donated to the homes.

The Batu Gajah Handicapped Children Home is located at JKR511, Lorong Aman, 3100 Batu Gajah Perak. The home was established in 1968. It takes care of about 39 inmates of various severe disabilities, age 11 to 54.

Cheque presentation to Batu Gajah Handicapped Children Home.

The Foundation of Training Centre & Home for the Handicapped (FTCHH) is located at No.2, Jln Hor Hock Lung, Taman Camay, 31650 Ipoh. The home was established in 1998. It take cares of about 35 inmates of various severe disabilities.

A few participants conversed with the caretaker to find out the well being of the children at FTCHH

Sis. Patricia Cheong presented a gift to a children at FTCHH.

We completed our welfare home visits at around 5:00pm. We then checked in to Tong Lian Siao Chu (东莲小筑), a Mahayanist nunnery located in Green Town, where we would put up a night on 27/11/2010.

After having our dinner at the Marpoh Restaurant in Ipoh, we proceeded to Ipoh Buddhist Dhamma Association (IBDA) Centre to listen to a dhamma talk delivered by Bro. Datuk Ang Choo Hong.

The title of the dhamma talk was "Self cultivation vs social engagement", it was a very thought provoking talk.

The next day on 28/11/2010, we visited Sukhavana Meditation Monastery in Bercham, Dhammapiti Meditation Monastery in Gunung Lang, Rumah Sehjatera Jelapang and Loyal Handicapped Children Welfare Home in Silibin.

Sukhavana Meditation Monastery is a monastery in Thai Forest Tradition of Theravada lineage. It is housed in a cave in Bercham, next to Huat Thien Keong Chinese Temple (法天宫仙洞). Its current abbot is Ajahn Tong Bai. Unfortunately, during our visit all the monks were away in KL.

Here are some snapshots of the Monastery:

The shrine hall was partially completed.
A kuti on hillside surrounded by greenery.
A steel staircase for reaching to another kuti up the hill.
The preaching hall that is decorated like a hotel lobby.
The Dhammapiti Meditation Monastery is also housed in a cave. It has a monk's quarter which is built a the back of the cave. The monastery has held a Kathina ceremony with more than 60 monks in November 2010.
Front view of the Dhammapiti Meditation Monastery
The monastery has about 4 kutis, here is the one built on top of a hill.
The monk's quarter.
Listening to a dhamma talk delivered by the abbot of the monastery at the shrine hall which is housed in a cave.
The Loyal Handicapped Children Welfare Home is located at No. 17, Lorong Silibin, 30100 Ipoh. The home was established in 1999. It takes care of more than 39 inmates of various severe disabilities.
Group photograph with the children and caretaker of the home. Other than daily supplies, BMSM Welfare Section also donated RM1,000 to the home.
Sis Lim (Mrs Kow)and Sis Cheong with the children.
Sis. Wendy and Sis. Evon with the children
Rumah Sehjatera Jelapang is an old folk old which takes care about 50 senior citizens. The home was conferred with the "Excellent Organisation Award" by the Registrar of Society in 2008.
Bro. Pheng entertained the old folks with a Chinese evergreen song “春天里“
The Secretary of Rumah Sehjatera Jelapang presented a banner as a token of appreciation to BMSM Welfare Section. Other than daily supplies, BMSM Welfare Section also donated RM1,000 to the home, and RM10 to each old folks.
On our way home, we sang to our heart's content to entertain ourselves. Most first timers told us they enjoyed the trip very much.
The lead singers in the bus, Sis. Sally Teh and Sis Jannifer Koh
We wish to express our appreciation and gratitude to the Ipoh Buddhist Dhamma Association, particularly, Bro. Fong Chin Onn (the advisor of IBDA) for his thoughtful and kind assistance in our welfare program and our visits to three monasteries.
Maha sadhu to Bro. Dato' Ang Choo Hong for taking time out of his busy schedule to share his dhamma with us at IBDA, The gift of dhamma excels all gifts.
We also wish to thank all generous donors for their kind contribution in cash and in kind towards this charitable trip, and all participants of this trip for their valuable support and kind participation.

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